Education Videos

Education Videos

A few weeks ago we looked at VAST, a multidisciplinary video source that can help you with your projects and presentations.  But we have a lot of more specialized video databases, and if you are interested in education, one of them has just grown a lot bigger.


Education in Video has just added content from Annenberg Learner and Harry Wong Publications, and includes 431 new videos (for a total of 282 hours). The collection is now an amazing 4,306 videos comprising 1,301 hours (all in streaming video format).  These work much like the VAST videos we looked at earlier.

The Annenberg Learner content focuses on science, math, English, social studies, music, and art education, all for Kindergarten through 12th grade.   There are also teacher-training videos highlighting key topics like multiculturalism in the classroom, differentiated instruction, connecting school and home, instructional approaches, multiple intelligences, facilitating discussion, motivating students, assessment strategies, and more.  The Wong series includes all 10 titles, and all of them are fully transcribed.

And that’s not all – Education in Video is still growing, and is planning to release about 150 additional hours of video in the near future.

Check out this great resource – and contact us at for help using them!

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