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Be an Ambassador to the Land of Google

Monday, May 27th

Chances are, you use Google every day.  As one of the most widely used search engines, it’s the first thing many of us try for our casual information needs, and sometimes even for major scholarship.  Google has tried to tailor their products to support higher education – Google Scholar being one result of this.  Google […]

Disease Research

Monday, May 20th

May is Hepatitis Awareness Month, but whether you have a research interest in Hepatitis or in any infectious disease, the library is the place to go for information.  We all do some of our research on the Internet – even when we know there are better choices.  But with medical topics, that’s a particularly bad […]

Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

Monday, May 13th

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month!  Heritage months are always a great opportunity to immerse yourself in culture, so this month offers the perfect opportunity to explore the rich contributions of those of Asian descent.  Fortunately, the library has resources for any question.    The Asian Studies eBook Collection is a great […]

Catalog Facelift

Monday, May 6th

Long gone are the days of card-based catalogs, but still, the library’s online catalog continues to improve.  You may have tried the new version of IUCAT – the search box on our home page uses it – but now the bugs are worked out and it is our official index for books, ebooks, videos, reserves, […]