The Library is a Safe Zone

The Library is a Safe Zone


 The IU East Campus has recognized the need for “Safe Zone” training. The Safe Zone program was created to address the needs of lgbtq students and their allies.

Workshops are led by Aimee Prater, lecturer of psychology. Participants who complete the training sign a pledge to be positive, supportive, and affirming of the LGBTQ community.  These faculty and staff are available to provide a safe space for listening to concerns and experiences that lgbtq individuals may not feel comfortable sharing in another setting. 

 You will find several staff members in the IU East Campus Library with a “Safe Zone” decal on their office doors. You will also see the decal on the front door of our library. We welcome all to step through the door, into an accepting environment where exploration and the uniqueness of each individual is valued.

 To register for training, contact Amanda Vance at 765-973-8203 or For more info. about the training program:  

and a resource guide for lgbtq:

Staff that have taken the Safe Zone training are:
Lee Ann Adams

Sheila Armstead

Denise Bullock

Cherie Dolehanty

Cathy Ludlum Foos

Katherine Frank

Stephanie Heinemann

Rebeckah Hester

Heidi Huff

Katy Huling

Amy Jarecki

Ann Kim

Michelle King

Paul Kriese

Kim Ladd

Mandi Moning

Daron Olson

Jessica Rice

Deanna Thomas

Ed Thornburg

Amanda Vance

Frances Yates

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