Historical Research Resources: real-time and real perspectives

August 1st, 2011

Suppose someone living in the year 2025, or even 2225, wants reliable information about what happened in 2011? Where would be the best place to get information (assuming by then all our brains aren’t pre-wired at birth to the Internet or whatever comes Next)? There are unique considerations when doing historical research, for whatever type of questions you seek to answer.  One facet of historical research is the need for primary sources – that is, things written and said by the people actually involved with those events.  Having access to primary documentation is of vital important to historical study.  Newspapers are also of great value, providing contemporary perspectives that can be critical to understanding the perceptions about events and people at a specific time and place. Diaries and letters are another form of communication that was prevalent in history, and can enlighten modern readers about the details of the daily lives of both common and famous individuals.


But where to begin your quest for historical information gems? Fortunately, the IU East Library is here to help!  LibGuides, our subject- or course-specific research tools, clearly organize high quality resources.  For historical research, take a look at Historical Full-Text Journal & Magazines.  It includes specific databases, articles, and e-books relevant to topics in time periods from ancient to just a few decades ago. Formats can be biographical, encyclopedic, statistical or geographic. Content varies, from Middle East and Islamic studies, to British and Irish Women, to American Indians and African Americans. Whatever your research topic or interest, it’s likely we’ll have online resources that can help you find interesting sources!