Online Photo Archives

Online Photo Archives


Last Friday, we held a photo party, where a number of IU East’s long-standing employees generously gave their time to help us identify countless unlabeled photographs from the archives.  We are immensely grateful for the help of Lee Ann Adams, Rena Dilworth, Di Fahl, Paul Kriese, Mary Mahank, Gail Smoker, and Tammy Williamson.  It was wonderful to hear all your stories and memories about IU East, and you have made sure that this important history will not be lost.



We will add all of the wealth of information you’ve supplied to the descriptions of the pictures on the library’s Flickr account at  And when it’s done, IU East will have a significant and easily searchable historical resource about our forty-year past!


But if you missed the party, fear not!  There are still hundreds more photos to identify.  We’re placing them on Flickr, and all you need to do is comment on any that you recognize, and we’ll incorporate your insight into the database, too.  So please go to Flickr to see the pictures, and leave any comments about who, what, where, and when they are.  Generations of future researchers will thank you for it!



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