Picture Party

Picture Party

With IU East’s fortieth anniversary rapidly approaching, we’ve been sorting through the archives and finding all kinds of interesting pictures from our university’s past.  There’s only one problem – a lot of them have no identification!

And that’s where we need your help.  This Friday, December 3rd, from 11-1, the library will host a picture party, and we encourage you to come help us identify these pieces of our history.  And even if you haven’t been at IU East long, it’s still a good opportunity to hear some great stories about our past!

 picture party

We have hundreds of pictures we need to identify – who is in them, what’s going on, when it’s happening.  Even if you can’t be at the party, you can see all the photos online at flickr.com/iuelibrary.  To help us identify them, just type information in the comments boxes. Our archivist can use that information to tag all the photos for a digital collection so they can be easily searched.

Please RSVP to fyates@iue.edu if you’re interested in attending – we hope to see you there!

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