Prepare for the End

The end is near, and by end I mean the end of the semester. With the semester coming to an end that means finals. Finals are like walking on hot coals look at a cool glass of water at the end, so basically it’s awful but then there’s summer! Woo!


To be honest this was going to be a giant, “How to survive finals” blog, however I just don’t have it in me to write it. Actually, I fell the end to write how my whole year went, so here it goes.

hqdefaultI could probably sum up this year as a tornado, filled with sharks. So a sharknado… I feel like I dropped the ball so many times this year that I was cut from the IUE baseball team, which we don’t even have. I thought I stepped off on the wrong foot last spring semester, I was way wrong! However let me start with the positives.

First pro, I have the world’s best job, no joke! My bosses Rebeckah and Amanda only want to see me excel at everything I do, even if its color coordinating the Crayola’s. They have seriously been life saviors this semester, and have become two women I know I can rely on even if I find myself at my lowest they kick my butt right back up. Second, I got the opportunity to color commentate for the first ever women’s basketball team, along with men’s basketball and volleyball. I know nothing about volleyball, but by the end of their season I could tell everything about each player. Women’s basketball was a joy, it was like being at opening day, every day! Now men’s basketball was a struggle, I honestly didn’t think I had it in me to sit there and watch them. However you put your personal judgments away and do what’s going to get you farthest in life. I also got to start this blog, which has been a plus ;). Even though I can say this year has been a positive one, I would say the best thing that’s happen to me is that I somehow started finding myself. Weird, right? I realized that I’m not the person I was a year ago, and I don’t want to be either. That’s been pretty rough to do, but it’s been worth every step.

With every positive there comes a negative. I won’t say how I messed up, but I will say I’ve learned a couple rules about IUE. I’ve also learned from them and soon become a clam. I will say I put my trust in a person who, no matter what, never deserved it, plus they made me feel horrible about myself. I am dumb for that and will forever regret every breath and moment I have wasted on them; they don’t deserve the moon or stars, since they barely can enjoy the dirt under them. However I wish every good thing happens to them, because that’s a positive I’ve learned this year; everyone should have a positive and happy life. I also learned that not talking is not for me, I bottle up real quick for about two months and honestly didn’t want to talk to anybody. I sat at home, didn’t talk to anyone, and watched Frozen with my cat. No shame! But really talking helps. I’m slowly learning that some people can change stereotypes, not everyone is the same. I’m lucky, in the sense, that I have found a friend that will still talk to me after five months of being nothing but mean to them.a49

Learning your major is a part of college, we all know this. However, it’s what you learn about yourself that really helps in life. I’ve learned I can hold a bunch on my shoulders, and I’ve also learned how to talk about my shoulder problems. I’ve learned you have to make mistakes to learn from them. I think the most important thing I’ve learned though, well I have two. One is forgive people, it’s hard and yes I probably still hate them, but be kind to them. Two is when people say you can make it, you can. Eat a can of confidence! You got this dude! I’m going to throw a third at you, be healthy! Whether it’s physically, mentally, or emotionally stay healthy. Your health is everything you have, and your person is EVERYTHING! Enjoy your break and make this summer one to remember!


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Hey all! I'm Morgan and I'm a Junior Communications major here at the East! I'm a full time traditional student, a dancer, the campus life cool kid, cat lover, What's Up girl, and color commentator! Oh and I blog :)

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