Next Stop, Information Station

Next Stop, Information Station

Oh HI, November. Wasn’t it just July like a week ago, or? Did August and September even happen? WHERE DID THE TIME GO?! Even though November is one of my favorite months, it came out of NOWHERE! Rude. So on Sunday, I mapped out the next few weeks on my calendar and came to the awful realization that I have five measly weeks left at IU East. I’m not sure how that happened exactly but I am NOT happy about it. Regardless, since it is my last semester (tear), I promise to provide you with the best blogs, EVAH!!! I started blogging for IU East while abroad in England, documenting the current events of my then fabulous life. Now I hang in my pajamas all day and watch Bridget Jones’s Diary repeatedly. Ok, my life isn’t that pathetic, but still, it can be difficult sometimes to find interesting things to write about. Although my life is considerably less exciting, new, and Diddy-esque than it once was, I still have had an amazing four years at IUE and have done (and continue to do) some pretty cool things as an undergrad. Therefore, I will be sharing some hopefully insightful tips in my blogs to come. So prepare yourselves, young Red Wolves, for the priceless information you are about to receive.

Til next time!

Kelsey xx

But first, gotta go watch Bridget Jones again.

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