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Time Management

Friday, January 20th

Hello All! I hope each and every one of you is excited about beginning a new semester at Indiana University East. Our Spring semester enrollment in online courses is the largest it has ever been and I know we have students taking their very first online courses. I apologize to those who read my blogs regularly who have read […]

Be Sure to Read the Syllabus and Announcements

Friday, November 11th

Hello all, Today I thought I’d address an issue that always seems to trip up a few students each semester and that is not reading the syllabus for their class closely or not following announcements posted by their instructors in regard to assignments, exams, and other issues that affect how the course will be conducted. […]

Study Abroad Opportunity!

Thursday, October 13th

Interested in taking an online Spanish culture class and in traveling to Spain next Spring? Attend the online informational meeting on this wonderful opportunity to learn about Spanish culture (SPAN-S229), earn 3 credits towards your foreign language requirement, and travel through Spain for 11 days in May. Please note that you do NOT need to […]

Summer Classes

Thursday, May 19th

Just a quick update to remind everyone that Summer 1 and Summer 12 week classes started on Monday. If you have not already done so, please login into your course as soon as possible to let your instructor know you are participating and be sure to check your syllabus and assignments. I can’t stress enough […]

What Would You Like?

Monday, April 25th

Hello Everyone! I want to take today to ask you all a very basic question. How can I serve you better? By that I mean is there specific information about online learning that you would like to have me address in my blog? Are there things we could be doing to make your online experience […]