January 24th, 2011

Hello on this cold and blustery winter’s day. We’re at the end of the second week of the semester and I hope everyone has gotten off to a good start in their classes. A good way to ensure that you will do well in all your classes, and particularly your online classes where face-to-face interaction is limited, is communication with your instructor and classmates. Many times, students only think of communicating with their instructor when a problem or question arises. While it is a good strategy to ask questions and bring problems to the attention of the instructor, it is only a small part of good communication.

Communication takes at least two active participants; the sender and the receiver. This is You must be an active receiver by checking your IU email account on a regular basis (at least a couple times a week) and checking your Oncourse class sites for announcements at least as often (or possibly more often depending on your instructors wishes). You should also communicate with your classmates through the discussion forums in Oncourse and through email. Good communication involves not only composing your thoughts but also carefully and respectfully reading and considering the thoughts and responses of your peers.

Until next time,

Good Luck in All You Do!