Distance Ed Students are IU East Students

September 10th, 2008

One of the best aspects of working at IU East is seeing all the new and exciting campus activities being added for students. As I’m sure many of your are aware, the athletic program on campus is growing as we joined the NAIA and the Kentucky Athletic Conference last year. We’ve also added several new sports including cross country and women’s golf to compliment the current sports of basketball, volleyball, and men’s golf. The Office of Campus Life offers many activities for students including last week’s Welcome Back Picnic and next Monday, September 15th, they’ll be showing the movie “Wanted” on an outdoor inflatable screen on the campus quad. The Graf Recreation Center offers a place to workout, unwind, have a cup of coffe, or just hang out with friends. We have many campus clubs and organizations for students to become involved with.  Soon, IU East will have a student council to be your voice and to plan more activities for and by students.

You may be thinking, “I’m an online student and I can’t come to campus very often so why is Tom writing about all these campus activities?” It’s because even though you’re an online student, you’re also an IU East student and as much a part of this vibrant growing campus as a student who comes to campus everyday. We want you to know that all of these activities are open to you and we’d love to see you take part in them when you’re able; even if it’s only once a semester or year. IU East is your university and we’d love to see you you having fun on our campus!