Get Mobile and Think Inside the Box!

March 8th, 2013

Hey everyone, this is James Healton and I am an instructional technologist and multimedia specialist for the IU East Online Programs.  I graduated from IU East last year and a great majority of my degree was completed online.  I feel, due to my online experiences, that I see many aspects of distance education through the perspective of most college students.

Think INSIDE the Box!  Ok, Right now every student, staff or faculty member, go to and login using your IU credentials.  I’m serious, do it now if you haven’t already, it will change your life!  You receive 50 GIGABITS for FREE from IU Box services.  You can use this service to securely store a variety of files both for personal and public use, including video, audio, presentations or Word files.  You can also, with a few clicks, embed video clips within Oncourse and your online classes.  This creates a nice player that not only represents professional quality but also is more convenient for other students and professors to view.  Also, Box makes transferring files and information from your mobile device to the web/computer, much simpler and more time efficient.  In order to upload files from your tablet or phone, you will have to set up an external login to link your IU Box with the account.   Follow these steps to do this: .

IU Box will bridge the gap between your mobile devices and Oncourse in a readily available, convenient manner.  Recently, I was asked to upload a video to Oncourse and I was not near a computer.  Therefore, I decided to shoot the video on my phone and upload it to my box account and then was able to share it with Oncourse.

To be honest, it seems as though Mobile technology has taken over the world.  Smart phones and tablets are rapidly becoming both students and instructors first choice as the main household technology device.  Therefore, understanding a few key aspects will help you when preparing to use your tablet or phone for Oncourse. Although they are powerful devices, MOST tablets will not give you the full capability that your computer will.  In Oncourse, you will be able to send messages, check announcements, look up next week’s assignments and do certain posts/blogs.  The biggest thing to remember, whether you are using mobile technology or not, is to always have a backup!  Technology can sometimes have a mind of its own and you do not want this to interfere with your schoolwork deadlines.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

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Registration! Registration! Registration! Woohoo! Let’s Get Pumped Red Wolves!

November 6th, 2012

Spring 2013 Online Schedule of Classes

Hey all my awesome online peeps, it’s that exciting time of year once again– No, not …Thanksgiving, even though the prospects of  lots of yummy food,  hanging with friends and family, and all of us having a well-deserved break is something to get excited about– did I mention the food! But no, it’s time for something just as exciting – it’s REGISTRATION TIME!!! WooHoo!!! Time to get signed up for those Spring classes – Yeah! Let’s do this! OK -so I might have perhaps had a little too much coffee!

Open registration is happening now – Yes! Right Now!  If you don’t want to lose that hot-spot in that course you need to graduate, you need to get enrolled ASAP! Now don’t freak out, I was just trying to scare you into registering EARLY, but it is true that with each day that passes, you run the chance of not getting a seat in the classes you want or need.  While it’s true you have until the end of the first week of Spring classes on January 19th to register late, I strongly discourage waiting this long.  We don’t want anyone to have any of those OMG-anxious moments!  So let’s get registered NOW!

Here is our Spring 2013 course listing  we have OVER 100 SUPER-WONDERFUL-AMAZINGLY AWESOME online classes to choose from! (Sorry – I get a little carried away!)

You might be tempted to fill your schedules with all those fun titled courses like Z-201 (Intro to History of Rock n Roll-we all want to be rock-stars) or  Z-492 (Food: An American Indulgence–it’s amazing how many McDonalds there are in this world), or P-324 (Abnormal Psychology – admit it, we all want to know why we are a little abnormal).  But it’s very-very important that you schedule an appointment by phone or e-mail with your online advisors – you want to make sure you are on the right track with your degree completion progress.  Uncertain who your advisor is? If you’re like me, and have trouble remembering your own name sometimes, and just can’t remember who your advisor is (no shame in admitting this and I promise not to tell anyone), I would be happy to assist you in looking them up and getting you in touch with them.

Once your advisor has given you the green light on your plan of study –log-in to your OneStart Student Center and load up that shopping cart with your online classes.  Just be sure to finish your enrollment and not accidently leave them in your shopping cart – that would be a bummer.  If you are not sure if you have completed your registration, please call me or your advisor and we will happy to confirm your enrollment for you.

To make sure we are all good to start registering – check the Registration Checklist:

Many of you probably know how to register, but some of you might be new to IU East Online Programs or, like me, just need a refresher.  Here is a condensed Registration Instruction Guide: If you would rather call me to help walk you through the registration process, or if you have any other questions about any online courses –or if you would just like to share in the EXCITEMENT of online classes and getting registered, I am always happy to speak with online students!


Feel free to e-mail me: / or call me anytime (765)973-8300.



Amber Clark

IU East’s Online Student Support Services Super Excited “Highly Caffeinated” Cheerleader!

Awkward Introductions and Prep Courses

September 27th, 2012

Hi folks!

Don’t you love these ‘first ever’ blog posts? It’s hard to know how to start off. Am I being boring? Silly? Do I sound as stupid as I think I do? It’s like those classroom intros – ‘Hi, my name is Gretchen, and I’m taking this class because….’

Hmm. Now that I think about it, those classroom introductions sort of work, at least for this kind of first-time intro thing. So here goes:

Hi! J My name is Gretchen DeHart, and I’m the Student Technology Trainer here at IU East. Being the student trainer means it’s my job to help students – be they online or on-campus – with learning the software and computer systems they need to know to be successful at IU East. Basically that just a fancy way of saying that if you need to know something about a program – from what happened to the page numbers tool in Word (they always move that thing), or how to work a Wiki in Oncourse – I’m the person to talk to!

Speaking of Oncourse, and awkward introductions…

We are trying something new this semester: The Online Prep Course! The Online Prep Course is an Oncourse Site that offers students a chance to explore and get to know Oncourse tools, so that they can be better prepared for taking online classes. It has five modules, that talk about things like where to find information, student services for Online students, and student perks (like iuware!). Each module ends with a ‘task’ which lets you experience a few of the most common things students need to do in Oncourse to complete class work.

Since many Online students will never come to campus, they might never learn that they have access to things like tutorial services, or free software. The Online Prep course attempts to remedy this by introducing some of the programs, services, and opportunities that all students – no matter where they live – have available through IU East.

If you would like to participate in the Online Prep Course, just go here: and fill out the form. It’s free, and won’t affect your grades, I promise.

If you need any help with registering for the Prep Course – or with anything else, please feel free to contact me. My email is

Thanks for reading, and if are any computer-type things you’d like to talk about, feel free to reply to this blog.

It’s good to ‘meet’ you all!


Exciting New Changes!

August 8th, 2012

Hello Everyone!

I know it has been a long time since I’ve posted but trust me when I say that there is a good reason. Over the past few months we have been working very hard to reorganize our support structure for online students to be able to best serve you; the student. There will be much more information coming in the future but for now allow me to explain what changes have occurred. The Institute for Online Undergraduate Programs has been created which brings both student academic support and technology support along with support for faculty teaching online classes and testing services all under one roof. We are now a staff of eight full time professionals dedicated to providing the best online experience for students. Another excting change is that we all will be contributing to this blog! Over the next few months each of us will be introducing ourselves and letting you know what we do and how we can help you be a successful online student. We are also working on a website which will integrate all of the information you need in a more concise and friendly way. Finally…we have moved. Our suite of offices is now in Springwood Hall room 202. You can still each me at or 765-973-8312. As always, please feel free to let me know what you think and also contact me if you need anything. Until next time…good luck in all you do!



Summer and Fall 2012 Schedules Coming Soon

February 24th, 2012

Good Friday morning everyone! I hope everyone has some fun plans for the weekend; or if not fun ones at least productive ones. I just wanted to take a couple minutes to remind everyone that Summer and Fall 2012 class schedules will be available next week. Be sure to check here: to see when the schedules are posted. Also be sure to check out Distance Dish as I will be spotlighting some of our exciting online course offerings. As always, if you have questions or if you need assistance with anything dealing with online learning please feel free to contact me at or 765-973-8312.