Get Mobile and Think Inside the Box!

March 8th, 2013

Hey everyone, this is James Healton and I am an instructional technologist and multimedia specialist for the IU East Online Programs.  I graduated from IU East last year and a great majority of my degree was completed online.  I feel, due to my online experiences, that I see many aspects of distance education through the perspective of most college students.

Think INSIDE the Box!  Ok, Right now every student, staff or faculty member, go to and login using your IU credentials.  I’m serious, do it now if you haven’t already, it will change your life!  You receive 50 GIGABITS for FREE from IU Box services.  You can use this service to securely store a variety of files both for personal and public use, including video, audio, presentations or Word files.  You can also, with a few clicks, embed video clips within Oncourse and your online classes.  This creates a nice player that not only represents professional quality but also is more convenient for other students and professors to view.  Also, Box makes transferring files and information from your mobile device to the web/computer, much simpler and more time efficient.  In order to upload files from your tablet or phone, you will have to set up an external login to link your IU Box with the account.   Follow these steps to do this: .

IU Box will bridge the gap between your mobile devices and Oncourse in a readily available, convenient manner.  Recently, I was asked to upload a video to Oncourse and I was not near a computer.  Therefore, I decided to shoot the video on my phone and upload it to my box account and then was able to share it with Oncourse.

To be honest, it seems as though Mobile technology has taken over the world.  Smart phones and tablets are rapidly becoming both students and instructors first choice as the main household technology device.  Therefore, understanding a few key aspects will help you when preparing to use your tablet or phone for Oncourse. Although they are powerful devices, MOST tablets will not give you the full capability that your computer will.  In Oncourse, you will be able to send messages, check announcements, look up next week’s assignments and do certain posts/blogs.  The biggest thing to remember, whether you are using mobile technology or not, is to always have a backup!  Technology can sometimes have a mind of its own and you do not want this to interfere with your schoolwork deadlines.

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