Assessment Update

March 3rd, 2014

By:       Dr. Markus Pomper

Chair, General Education Assessment Committee

The General Education Assessment Committee reviewed the assessment efforts of the programs. We are pleased to see that all programs have assessment for their General Education courses in place. Some programs even have assessed a large number of courses in the Fall semester. The most frequently reported issue for assessment in the fall semester was a breakdown in communication about assessment between program coordinators and faculty who teach the course.

We are also making progress at creating a user-friendly interface within weave-online that will allow us to collect assessment data from all general education courses. The General Education Assessment Committee plans to create an annual summary of the assessed General Education competencies. This summary will include which competencies were assessed. Because the assessment of these competencies is course based, we will report the number of course sections that were assessed, the ones that were not assessed, and a brief paragraph that explains what changes will be made as a result of the assessment.